Launch of cruise green paper: global cooperation promotes cruise market recovery

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In 2020, the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in the world has a serious impact on the development of the world's cruise economy. All cruise lines have been suspended, and the total market value of the three cruise groups has evaporated by more than 50 billion US dollars, which has become a crisis with the longest impact, the most extensive coverage and the heaviest loss in the history of world cruise development. In the face of unprecedented difficulties, major cruise companies, with the support of governments of various countries, have spared no effort to save themselves, further improve the global cruise health prevention and control system, and strive to meet the steady recovery of the cruise industry. On November 19, at the 2020 international cruise Research Alliance & Education Alliance Summit Forum held in Shanghai, Shanghai University of engineering and technology, Shanghai International Cruise Economic Research Center and Social Science Literature Publishing House jointly released Cruise green paper: report on the development of China's cruise industry (2020) This paper explains the current situation of the cruise industry and the Countermeasures of cruise companies.

According to the green book, in order to cope with the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic, the health and epidemic prevention system of cruise ships and ports in the world has been further improved. The awareness of epidemic prevention and safety of tourists and crew members has been greatly improved, and the safety and anti epidemic ability of Cruise ships have also been higher requirements. Yunding cruise group has launched a new cruise ship prevention and control rules for new pneumonia, covering continuous disinfection and cleaning measures on board, as well as pre travel screening, guest room area, public area, food hygiene, leisure and entertainment activities, crew protection and other prevention and control measures after the resumption of the cruise. Its "exploration dream" has improved the health, hygiene and operation procedures of the cruise ship, carried out thorough deep cleaning in accordance with EU standards, and cooperated with dnv-gl to become a cruise ship with cip-m certification.

Royal Caribbean Cruises and Novartis have jointly established a high-level expert group to guide the improvement of cruise health standards and cope with the challenges brought about by the global epidemic. Mediterranean cruise set up a "Blue Ribbon" expert group to provide guidance for the formulation and planning of health and safety regulations. Viking star has installed the world's first PCR nucleic acid detection laboratory. Costa cruises announced that it has obtained the "biosafety certificate" issued by the Italian Classification Society (Rina).

(the ocean quantum, which is scheduled to return to Shanghai's home port for operation next year. Royal Caribbean Cruises)

On August 16, the "Hongtu" of Costa launched a 7-day western Mediterranean voyage in Genoa, which was attached to the ports of Rome, Naples, Palermo and Valetta. The cruise ship implemented strict health and safety agreements, with a maximum occupancy rate of 70%, and reserved 10% rooms as isolation cabin. Tui cruise line "meishif 6" opened the route of Crete Island in Greece on September 13, implementing strict epidemic prevention measures. Tourists must abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations of various countries when they go ashore. Panglo cruise launched the "peace of mind" epidemic prevention measures and "worry free booking" policy, increased purification and disinfection measures, upgraded boarding security inspection, thoroughly inspected all personnel and materials to be on board, tracked and monitored the health status of the personnel on board every day during the voyage, and cleaned and killed all facilities.

Governments and relevant institutions have also taken measures to promote the recovery of cruise market. On August 4, the Indian government allowed the cruise ships to resume service from October 1. On August 14, the Indian government announced that it would implement a one-year cruise tax preferential policy, reducing port charges by 60% - 70%.

The Italian government has approved the resumption of operation of Italian cruise ships from August 15 and has drawn up a safety list, Tourists from the European countries listed in the list do not need to be quarantined and can board and disembark at Italian ports.

In order to implement the necessary measures and implement the relevant safety and security standards, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) jointly prepared the guidelines for the gradual and safe recovery of cruise ships in the context of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic, which was issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in August 2020, which is mainly applicable to international operations under the flag of EU / EEA Ships sailing and vessels berthing in the EU / EEA. The guidelines mainly include three aspects: first, cruise companies should formulate corresponding management plans; second, the countries where cruise ships berthed should formulate management plans under the prevention and control of new pneumonia epidemic situation, as well as the minimum measures that must be implemented; third, the matters to be completed by cruise companies and ports before cruise ships to ensure the safety of ports along the route, establish prevention and control procedures for new pneumonia epidemic situation, and mail The plans of shipping lines and cruise ports shall be verified by a third party professional organization.

At the same time, the epidemic prevention and control has also promoted the improvement of facilities and standards related to cruise ports around the world, including optimizing passenger inbound and outbound procedures, improving port temperature measurement, isolation and other epidemic prevention facilities standards, and strengthening the training of port staff on epidemic prevention knowledge. Cruise companies have implemented stricter restrictions on the boarding of tourists, established a more perfect temperature and medical detection system on board and a health monitoring system for tourists and crew members, further improved the traceability control mechanism for boarding information of tourists and crew members, and implemented more stringent requirements for disinfection frequency on board.

According to the green paper, after the outbreak, the international cruise economy will be comprehensively transformed and move towards global cooperation in the rapid development. The development of cruise tourism industry will pay more attention to the integrity and international coordination. In the process of emergency handling, international cooperation will be further strengthened to jointly deal with sudden public health incidents of cruise ships, so as to reduce the negative impact on the cruise economy 。 At the same time, we will promote the improvement of public health standards for cruise ships, and further ensure the health of tourists and crew as well as the safety of food, water and environment.

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