Niegmati: wife drives away the third party with delicious food

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Today's workplace pressure, everyone is not easy to live, not only ordinary people like this, even many popular celebrities are no exception. Niegmati is a popular host of CCTV. Due to the fierce competition and high expectations of the audience, he is also walking under pressure.

Xiaoni used to decompress by playing online games at home, ignoring his wife's feelings. As a result, communication between the two became less and less, so that online games became the "third party" between them


On September 28, 2013, 29 year old niegmati (as the audience and media affectionately call him Xiaoni) and Pasha Guli, two years younger, had their wedding ceremony in Urumqi.

Because the couple's work focus is in Beijing, they put their home in Beijing. Both Xiaoni and Pasha Guli are from Xinjiang, and both parents live in Urumqi. Due to the long journey home and busy work, the couple did not spend much time with their parents.

At that time, Xiao Ni presided over many famous columns such as "good luck to open the door", "Avenue of stars", "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" and other famous columns. At the same time, he also served as the host of CCTV's large-scale party. His work was quite intense and busy.

Outsiders all think that Xiaoni is beautiful. In fact, every time he hosts a program, he is under great pressure. He is afraid that any words are wrong or the gestures are not in place. Before each live broadcast, Xiao Ni had insomnia at night and could not sleep until the early morning.

In order to refresh himself, when Xiao Ni arrived at CCTV, he tried to wash his face with cold water. Sometimes he had to wash three or four times an hour. Even the makeup artist loved him. Relying on the seriousness and diligence, Xiaoni is steadily on the CCTV hosting post.

The audience all feel that Xiao Ni presides over the program like a light weight, natural and unrestrained, only Xiao Ni knows the pressure he is under. It's too high to be cold. Carrying his wife's pressure to urinate in silence is to pass the pressure to his wife.

Shortly after marriage, in order to relieve the huge pressure, Xiaoni played online games at home after work. On weekends, he seldom goes out and plays online games with computers and mobile phones. He often plays for three or four hours. In the hearty battle, Xiao Ni forgot the pressure and trouble of work, and relaxed his spirit.


Pasha Guli works in a trading company and is usually very busy. On weekends, she had hoped to have a sweet two person world with Xiaoni at home. However, the online game was more attractive than her own and pulled her husband away.

After a while, Pasha Guli got tangled. She learned from the Internet that many husbands ignored their wives because they indulged in online games. As a result, online games became the "third party" between husband and wife, and some even got divorced.

Pasha Guli's heart can no longer be calm, she sincerely communicated with her husband: "in the future, do you want to play less online games? I don't want to let online games become the third party between us. " Xiaoni raised his head from his mobile phone and said, "do you think I'm bored playing online games? Usually the work pressure is too big, I decompress and relax in this way. "

PACHA Guli replied to her husband: "decompression and relaxation can have a more healthy way. Playing online games for too long will not only affect vision, but also be harmful to the lumbar spine and cervical spine." Xiaoni sighed: "I also know that playing online games for a long time is not good, but there is no more healthy way to decompress?"

Pasha Guli remembered that Xiaoni had a good cooking skill and often cooked delicious food for herself when she was in love. But after marriage, he never cooked at home. Pasha Guli then proposed to her husband: "how about we do food decompression? I haven't eaten your cooking for a long time Xiao Ni likes cooking. He agreed.

Pasha Guli said that she had more flexibility in her work and volunteered to be responsible for purchasing to help Xiao Ni.

When Xiaoni came home from work the next day, his wife had prepared beef, onion, cumin, garlic and other ingredients. Xiao Ni wears an apron and cooks food while humming songs. Half an hour later, two dishes and one soup were put on the table.

After dinner, they wash and brush together, and then go for a walk in the yard. At 11:00 p.m., Xiao Ni was lying in bed, not tossing and turning like before, and soon fell asleep.

Since then, as long as her husband is in Beijing, Pasha Guli will cook with Xiao Ni. On weekends, Pasha Guli went to the market with Xiao Ni and cooked at home. Xiaoni jokingly calls herself a cook, and PACHA Guli is a cook.


Xiao Ni also has a gift for cooking. His big plate of chicken is more delicious than that in the hotel. Pasha Guli photographed her husband's delicious food and uploaded it to Xiaoni's microblog, attracting fans' praise.

Because PACHA Guli often updates her micro blog before going to bed, fans say that she and Xiao Ni are "poisoning late at night", arousing everyone's appetite.

Because he was busy cooking at home, designing recipes and shopping in the supermarket, Xiaoni had no time to play online games. And in the process of cooking delicious food, he and his wife communicate more, more topics.

Before every time after playing online games, Xiaoni had a feeling of emptiness, and cooking food brought him enrichment and happiness.

Pasha Guli's colleagues looked at the food photos in Xiaoni's microblog and envied her, saying that she wanted to try Xiaoni's cooking skills. So on weekends, Pasha Guli invited her colleagues home, and Xiaoni made them delicious food. When each dish was served, everyone screamed and praised Xiao Ni as a star family chef.

Gradually, Xiao Ni's passion for cooking food was thoroughly stimulated, and cooking became his second major task besides his work. Sometimes when I eat out, when I see something delicious in the restaurant, Xiao Ni will write down the menu and then go home to cook it for his wife.

Now Xiaoni can cook more than 40 kinds of home dishes, and the dishes are exquisite. He doesn't cook duplicate dishes for a week at home, and quips, "it's not a good husband to be a host who doesn't want to be a family chef." Pasha Guli is full of happiness.

She asked her husband, "I deprived you of your hobby of playing online games. Do you blame me?" Xiaoni shook his head: "no, I have to thank you? Occasionally play online games can, indulge in online games have a hundred harm and no benefit. I also learned that many couples get divorced because of online games. Maybe we will not be a disaster if we guide you

In the process of cooking, he and his wife have become more relaxed, and in the process of cooking, they have become more intimate.

Pasha Guli is a wise wife. In a healthy and warm way, she drove away the "third party" of marriage and won full of happiness. Her practice is worthy of being followed by wives!


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