Hou Peicen, after the second child weight does not exceed 90 Jin, frankly said: 5 skills, everyone can thin down

China-News - Headlines November 26, 2020, 5:30 pm Thunderbolt's avatar Thunderbolt

I don't know if you have paid attention to Hou Peicen recently, one of the most beautiful goddesses in the entertainment industry. No matter the appearance or the figure, they all belong to one in a million people! Recently, Hou Peicen said on his microblog that he had a recent photo of himself wearing black silk stockings. She looked like she was in her 20s, but her actual age was 42 years old, and she had already given birth to two babies.

Such a state, attracted countless netizens online feeling: years are too lenient to you! In fact, this is not years of mercy on Hou Peicen. It's really that people have their own maintenance skills. They are very good at skin care, beauty, weight reduction and dressing. They even published a book on too much beauty and weight-loss data. All kinds of practical beauty and weight-loss methods are very reliable!

Therefore, Hou Peicen's weight-loss method is very worthy of everyone to learn, such skills, there is practice, basis, weight loss effect is also good, are you ready to try?

1. Eating less doesn't mean dieting. Hou Pei Cen said on the program that the most important thing to lose weight is to eat less, but no one can insist on eating less, which does not mean that you must go on a diet. Eat less is a skill, eat more low calorie food, less eat more meals, are the secret of eating less.

2. Black coffee improves metabolism and helps burn fat. In his book, Hou Peicen highly praised drinking black coffee to help lose weight. He thought that black coffee had interesting edema effect, could improve metabolism and speed up fat burning. Moreover, it was not troublesome at all, and it was very suitable for lazy people.

3. Eat less staple food, especially rice and noodles. In his own book, Hou Peicen also said that the most important thing to lose weight is not to eat fat, but to eat less staple food, especially refined staple food such as rice and flour, which is difficult to digest. He is hungry again soon after eating it. If you want to lose weight, you should eat less rice and flour staple food.

4. Low fat is also important. During the live broadcast, Hou Peicen said that he would strictly control the intake of fat. He would not eat high-fat food at ordinary times. He would only drink low-fat or defatted milk and yogurt, eat eggs only with egg white and not yolk. When eating out, he would rinse the oil and salt on the dishes before eating, so as to reduce fat intake.

5. Keeping fit is a long-term thing. Hou Pei Cen does not think that weight loss goals can be fast! In fact, weight loss is a long-term thing. When you lose weight, you should be patient and lose weight to your ideal weight. You can't relax after you lose weight. You should pay attention to your weight regularly to avoid rebound!

5 skills to do the essence of weight loss, weight loss effect is also very obvious, if you are also losing weight, hurry up to action!!


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