When eating barbecue, smart people order this "six kinds of meat", can't fake, boss: know how to eat

China-News - China Food November 26, 2020, 5:34 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

When eating barbecue, smart people order "these six kinds of meat". Barbecue boss: either eat goods or know what to do. It's getting colder and colder. It's the best time to have a delicious barbecue with three or five friends on a cold day. When it comes to barbecue, in fact, all over the country have their own local barbecue, and the barbecue dishes and dishes are the same. Many ingredients can be used for barbecue. All kinds of barbecue kebabs, roasted seafood, roasted vegetables, etc., all have their own flavor Usually, when eating barbecue, they will choose their favorite taste, especially mutton and Beef Kebabs. If they are cheaper, they will feel that they are seasoning, and they can't eat beef or mutton. Therefore, we are not sure about the ingredients of this kind of cheap barbecue kebabs, and we can't tell about all kinds of synthetic meat, so we still have one cent One piece.

However, some meat dishes are difficult to "fake" because the taste of the ingredients is there, and we can see whether they are "real meat" dishes through tasting and eye intuition. Therefore, many knowledgeable meat dishes will have to order them, but if they don't understand, they may not know how to order them more realistically, which is not easy to be synthesized into meat pits. Next, we will share them with you Enjoy the six kinds of meat dishes specially ordered by smart people when eating barbecue. They are all meat dishes that can't be forged. As long as the ingredients are fresh, you can order them boldly. When eating barbecue, smart people will order the "six kinds of meat". Barbecue boss: either eat food or know how to do it. When eating barbecue, smart people will order this "six kinds of meat", can't fake, boss: understand pedestrians eat goods. Let's take a look.

1. Roasted oysters

Raw oyster is a kind of food material in barbecue stalls in many areas. The meat of raw oyster is fat and sweet. Many people like to eat it. The classic way to eat raw oyster barbecue is to roast raw oyster with minced garlic. If the oyster is not cut, it can't be fake. We can see whether the meat dish is genuine or not, and when we eat it, we can know whether the raw material is Not fresh, oysters according to the size of the price is not different, but also a cent of the goods. But this kind of food can't be fake. It can be assured.

2. Roast pig's feet

Pig's hoof is also one of the ingredients that many people like to order when eating barbecue. Some barbecue shops even rely on the roast pig's feet as their own brand dish. Roast pig's feet are also very popular, and the meat quality of this kind of roast pig's feet is q-elastic and chewy, so it's very real to eat. It's hard to fake this kind of meat. If the ingredients are fresh, it's one of the meat dishes that you can rest assured when eating barbecue.

3. Grilled fish

Grilled fish is also a meat dish that many people will order. There are many kinds of fish. Many fresh fish can be used for barbecue. Saury, Qingjiang fish and so on have their own flavor. Roast fish is also a very real meat dish. This kind of meat is also very intuitive and can be seen by the naked eye. Moreover, the fishy smell and smell of fish are also obvious. This kind of meat and vegetable ingredients are basically difficult It's fake, and it can't be synthesized.

4. Roasted paws

A variety of roast paws are also one of the meat dishes that many people must order when eating barbecue. All kinds of chicken feet and duck feet are very delicious when they are barbecue. They are also very delicious to eat with beer to satisfy their cravings. This kind of meat and vegetable can not be synthesized at all. It can be seen by the naked eye. As long as the ingredients are fresh enough, you can feel at ease.

5. Roast the whole lamb kidney

Cashew is different from mutton. Mutton may produce synthetic meat. The unique smell of mutton is difficult to imitate, and the yield is relatively small. This special taste of mutton kidney is difficult to fake. If it is fresh enough, you can rest assured.

6. Roast pig large intestine

Pork intestines are also one of the meat and vegetable ingredients in barbecue stalls, but they are more expensive, because they can't be fake. Because of their unique shape and taste, they can be eaten as soon as they are eaten, and can be distinguished by their eyes. This kind of meat can not be fake.

In addition to the above types of meat dishes, some meat dishes such as duck intestines and yellow throat can not be synthesized. When eating barbecue, you can choose these meat and vegetable ingredients. As long as the ingredients are fresh, you can rest assured. However, some kebabs that have been strung well and can not be seen as fresh meat and vegetables, and the price is also very cheap, are not recommended. It is very likely It's a synthetic kebab, or a poor quality kebab. It doesn't taste like meat when it's roasted. It's all about seasoning.

The above six kinds of meat dishes are very difficult to fake. When you eat barbecue, you can be bold and rest assured. As long as it is fresh, is there any barbecue meat you like to eat? What kind of meat and vegetables will be fake? Welcome to leave a message and communicate with you.


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