A new hospital in Nanjing covers an area of 256 mu, close to the metro line, and is expected to be completed and used in 2023

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A new hospital in Nanjing covers an area of 256 mu, close to the metro line, and is expected to be completed and used in 2023

The first impression of Nanjing must be the Nanjing salted duck, which is smooth, tender and not greasy. This is a beef pot helmet with crisp skin and juicy inside. Of course, this is interpreted from the perspective of food. If we understand Nanjing from the perspective of tourism, history and economy, there will be a different interpretation.

When you come to Nanjing, you must go to Jiming temple and the great wall of the Ming Dynasty to punch in. Jiming Temple gives people the feeling that it is a temple growing in the city. Looking at the great wall of the Ming Dynasty, we can feel that in order to resist foreign enemies, the craftsmen in the Ming Dynasty did "careful machine" and the hard work in building. Buildings built in different areas. In addition to containing the ingenuity of the creator, but also with strong local characteristics, to a little bit to understand the story behind them.

Nanjing is not only the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, but also the Jinling in the mouth of Qianlong. Qianlong wrote many poems to praise its beauty. In 2019, Nanjing's GDP will reach 1403.015 billion yuan, ranking 11th in China. Nanjing's economic growth is also matched with the living environment, and the facilities related to people's livelihood are declining.

The new hospital area of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, which is under construction, is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and so on. Class III A, covering an area of 256 mu, close to the metro line, patients no longer need to reverse to ask for directions. The lowest cost of transportation on the subway can be reduced.

The new hospital will be constructed in two phases and is expected to be completed and put into use in 2023, which will not only improve the medical level of the region. It can also solve the situation of hospital specific time and treatment congestion in other areas. It can solve the dilemma of patients waiting in line for a long time without seeing doctors. It can also create employment opportunities for the surrounding small shops, promote the formation of a benign ecological chain in this area, and promote the symbiosis and co prosperity of the surrounding industries.

The new hospital district is located in Jiangbei new district. In addition to the large-scale medical facilities related to people's livelihood, there are also many primary schools and kindergartens under active construction, which can provide better learning environment for the children of nearby households.

Laoshan Forest Park and Bulao village can not only receive foreign tourists, but also are two scenic spots loved by local people. During the stroll, you can also feel the beautiful natural scenery of the four seasons, and you can also spend time on a holiday with three or five friends on Saturday and Sunday.

The lovelorn Museum in Bulao village has become a favorite place for young people and a popular online attraction on the Internet platform. This place is not only novel, but also can see other people's stories, heal their own heartache.

Nanjing's good is not said out, is a little change, a little done. After watching so much, do you have the impulse to come here and even to settle down in this beautiful land? However, what do you want to say about the expansion of a new hospital area in Nanjing, which covers an area of 256 mu, is close to the metro line and is expected to be completed and used in 2023? Welcome to exchange and discuss in the comments area.


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