More and more patients with lumbar disc herniation, these bad habits must be changed!

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The lancet once published an article saying that "low back pain is becoming an epidemic". Once the disease occurs, it makes people feel that they are not sitting or standing, and they would like to swing a hammer to beat them severely. In fact, many low back pain are induced by lumbar diseases. According to the data, the number of patients with lumbar disc disease in China has exceeded 200 million, and the prevalence of lumbar disc herniation is as high as 18%, and it is increasing. In the past, most of the patients were aged 30-60 years old, but at present, more than 64% of the patients were 20-40 years old. In this program, we will talk about "why lumbar disc herniation?"

On line doctor: Fang Yuelong

Rehabilitation hospital affiliated to Fujian University of traditional Chinese Medicine

Inheritor of Shaolin orthopedic school in the south of orthopedic rehabilitation department

Today's discussion: why can get lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion?

And we often say intervertebral disc protrusion, common have lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra, both have common place.

What is a disc?

This is the intervertebral disc, which belongs to the tissue without blood supply. Once damaged, it can hardly repair itself. Push it back

The outer part of the intervertebral disc is called annulus fibrosus, and the inner part is called nucleus pulposus. Nucleus pulposus is one of the only two kinds of autoantigens in the human body, which can cause the body's autoimmune response, that is, inflammation.

When the stability of the spine is relatively weak, in the case of external force stimulation, lumbar intervertebral disc is easy to be destroyed, resulting in protrusion or prolapse of nucleus pulposus tissue. Stimulation of the nerve root can cause unbearable pain.

What disease is lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion?

Intervertebral disc protrusion refers to the rupture of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc, and the nucleus pulposus tissue protrudes (or protrudes) from the rupture place in the rear or spinal canal. In fact, this is just a pathological change, or imaging performance. It is almost an indispensable change in the process of human aging. It is as common as wrinkles on the face and gray hair. It is not a disease.

According to the literature, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is high in asymptomatic population.

In addition, a long-term follow-up study found that these volunteers with disc herniation had no correlation with subsequent low back pain and the duration of low back pain.

Is lumbar disc herniation the same as lumbar disc herniation?

Different. Lumbar disc herniation is only a pathological phenomenon. When the annulus fibrosus is ruptured and the nucleus pulposus falls out, it is called "intervertebral disc herniation". There are no clinical symptoms such as low back pain. When the herniated intervertebral disc oppresses the nerve root and has clinical symptoms such as waist pain or lower limb pain, it can be called "lumbar disc herniation"

What kind of person gets lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion easily?

(1) Occupation: lumbar disc herniation can be seen in all walks of life, and there is no significant difference between manual workers and mental workers;

(2) Age: the disease generally occurs in the 20 ~ 40 years old young adults, male than female more;

(3) Body shape: generally too fat or too thin people easy to cause lumbar disc herniation;

(4) Working environment: cold and humid working and living environment can easily lead to lumbar disc herniation;

(5) Heredity: the incidence of lumbar disc herniation in the family is several times higher than that in the family without disease;

(6) Development: Patients with developmental abnormalities, such as lumbosacralization, lumbosacralization, sacral fissure, and disintegration of vertebral arch, will affect the normal function of the lumbar spine, add additional load to the lumbar muscles, and easily induce lumbar disc herniation;

(7) Physical fitness: some people with lumbar disc herniation usually have good physical fitness, and few of these patients have common diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes

Prevention of lumbar disc herniation

In daily life, you should be careful in mopping, sweeping or vacuuming, and try to keep your body upright

When picking up things from the ground, it's better to keep the body upright above the waist and squat down first, instead of bending down to pick up things.

When taking things from high places, it is strictly forbidden to tilt back and keep upright.

Don't keep a posture for a long time, avoid overwork, and exercise a little after working for a period of time.

A simple method to exercise the lumbar spine: sitting on a chair, holding the neck with both hands crossed, straightening the abdomen forward and raising the head backward, holding on for 2-3 minutes, and then relax. During the working interval, repeat the above actions three or five times, which has a good stretching effect on the cervical spine and lumbar spine.

Introduction to the great doctor

Fang Yuelong

Master of medicine, attending physician, inheritor of nanshaolin orthopedic school. He is the Secretary General of the South Shaolin orthopedic school inheritance studio of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the Taiwan Strait South Shaolin manipulation Medical Association, the young member of the academic school inheritance branch of the Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, and the osteoporosis community member of the Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine. We participated in the compilation of rehabilitation technique of strengthening and chiropractic in southern Shaolin published by people's Health Publishing House, Atlas of manipulation of regulating tendon and chiropractic in southern Shaolin published by China traditional Chinese Medicine Publishing House, and case of secret recipe for bone injury in southern Shaolin. As the main personnel, he participated in one project of NSFC, one industry special project of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, two provincial projects, and published eight academic papers. It is mainly committed to the application of manipulation in the treatment of neck, shoulder, low back and leg pain, osteoarthropathy, comprehensive rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery and diagnosis and treatment of other common orthopedic diseases.

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