Beijing sign Lin Shuhao encounter reversal, but Qin Xiaowen still holds two advantages, once joined the vitality of the tumor

China-News - Sports November 27, 2020, 5:45 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

In today's time, in fact, the news about Lin Shuhao has aroused heated discussion among many people. Previously, Beijing tried to persuade Lin to return to the team, but according to Liu Chen, a reporter of Beijing News, Beijing and Lin Shuhao are indeed communicating, but Lin has not made a final decision. Even according to the news after that, Beijing and Lin Shuhao can not talk about actively pursuing, but both sides have been actively communicating, everything has to wait for Lin Shuhao to make a choice.

So at present, the initiative is still in Lin Shuhao's place, whether he can return or not is still unknown. But for the whole NBA off-season, the possibility of Lin Shuhao returning to NBA is not very great, which may be a big advantage for Beijing. Before Lin Shuhao tried to train warriors, but the warriors did not sign with him. Now the list is full. There is nothing wrong with him. There are also trial nets, it seems that there is no news. Because Lin wants to have a stable time and position in the NBA, but it's very difficult. In contrast to Beijing, they can give enough exposure and status, which is no problem.

At the same time, Beijing really needs players like Lin Shuhao. For the current players such as Fang Shuo and Li Xiaoxu, it is difficult for them to assume the role of Lin Shuhao. If Lin joins Beijing, his position in the team will be very important, which is the absolute core of the team. Don't forget, the current foreign aid can not bring qualitative changes to the team, but Lin Shuhao can, he is the last piece of Beijing puzzle.

Once Lin Shuhao joins in, fan Ziming will also be revitalized. After all, for such a team, it really needs to eat cake comfortably to play its own characteristics. Li Shuhao and Li Shuhao need to lead. Therefore, only Lin Shuhao was left behind in Beijing, which is why Du Feng has been very vigilant about Beijing.


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