What will happen if people wear masks for a long time? You may not know these four changes!

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What will happen if people wear masks for a long time? You may not know these four changes!

This year's epidemic can be said to make people all over the world suffer from disaster and distress. When the epidemic comes, our biggest feeling is that everyone should wear masks. Especially in the first half of this year, whether it's travelling by car or in various public places, masks are the same protective equipment that we can't miss.

Nowadays, the mask has also become an essential daily necessities. As for the health and safety of masks, we also attach great importance to it. Some people will also have some questions. For example, what changes will happen if people wear masks for a long time? Why don't we have a look today!

1. Form dependence

Although wearing a mask can play a certain role in the protection of bacteria and viruses, if you don't take off the mask for a long time, it will also affect the immune system of the human body. Everyone has heard of a theory that "if you use it, you will enter it; if you don't use it, you will lose it.". No matter human beings or other living things can evolve continuously in adversity. We don't live in a vacuum. We're exposed to bacteria and viruses all the time. Masks can keep these germs out of the door, but if our immune system doesn't work for a long time, it is bound to lead to decreased immunity. When the virus comes back, we will easily get sick.

This is about the same as taking medicine. Once you stop taking medicine, you are more likely to get sick than ordinary people.

2. Nose function degradation

If human beings wear masks for a long time, the function of nose will degenerate. It is easy to understand that organisms are constantly evolving. Once they are well protected for a long time, the relevant functions will deteriorate. For example, for a one-year-old child, if the parents feed their children porridge every day instead of meat, then the child's gastrointestinal function will degenerate, and they can't eat meat in the future. The same is true of the nasal cavity.

3. The nostrils are enlarged and the nose is collapsed

As we all know, the nose is an air conditioner of the human body. It will inhale oxygen from the outside into the lungs, filter out some impurities, and then supply oxygen to the body. If we wear masks for a long time, it will certainly affect our breathing. If we want to keep breathing unobstructed, we will grow nostrils and inhale coarsely, which will make the nose collapse and enlarge the nostrils.

4. Auricle thickening

We often wear masks. We must have this feeling. If we wear masks for a long time, our ears will be very uncomfortable and we will feel strangled. In particular, the N95 mask does a lot of damage to the auricle. Therefore, if you wear a mask for a long time, it is bound to cause the auricle to become larger and thicker.

In this case, should we not wear masks? Of course not! The epidemic has not completely subsided. We must not take it lightly. Although wearing masks has some negative effects, in this tense moment, we can only choose the lesser of the two evils. Reasonable wearing masks is the best way to protect our body.

In crowded places such as buses and supermarkets, we can wear masks. And usually at home and chat with family, sleep, you can take off the mask. You don't have to wear a mask many times a day, and it doesn't take long. Only scientific wearing masks, can we maximize the benefits of our body!


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