Three million real estate to fruit stall owner! Relatives even know the old man's pocket watch and jade

China-News - Headlines November 28, 2020, 5:30 pm Thunderbolt's avatar Thunderbolt

Recently, 88 year old Mr. Ma in Shanghai gave his 3 million yuan house to fruit stall owner Xiaoyou, making a lot of noise on the Internet

Of course, why do so many relatives come out suddenly? Everyone knows that they come to fight for family property! Day by day, the old man can't live through these years without a daily companion. Where are these family members when they need daily care after they are discharged from hospital? It is the so-called no profit can not get up early, when the elderly care is not around, we all know what to do at this time.

Family members are only concerned about the house, not the rest of the old man's life. If the old man did not give the house to the fruit stall owner, they would not "disturb" the old man's life. As for what the two sides said, it can be verified. And Mr. Ma has long said very clearly: relatives have also seen very clearly

It's just that the faces of the relatives are so terrible that I can tell from my niece's words. She not only treasures the things of my uncle's house, but also says that the old man's pocket watch, wall clock and jadeite are all given to the fruit stall owner, and she knows all about it

Just imagine that a niece of yours could know exactly what her uncle gave to others. How far should this be investigated?

After listening to these words, I was absolutely terrified

Although relatives said that they didn't disturb Mr. Ma's family, I didn't expect that my uncle had already given the house to the fruit stall owner. Now I know the letter, I'm afraid I'm flustered!

To tell you the truth, even if the fruit stall owner wants a room, it's only natural for them to have a happy old age life. Those relatives want, why can't give the old people a happy old age life

As long as the elderly and Xiaoyou live together, it is enough to be happy. The so-called worries of those relatives are because they can't get the property of the old man. Everyone has a steelyard in their hearts. It's better to say beautiful than to do well. It's all about money! The heart is not cold day by day, the leaves are not yellow day by day, and the old man's heart is not cold in a day

The most important thing is that the notary office repeatedly asked for the opinions of the elderly and said that the old people were in a good mental state at that time. Family members of the elderly don't have to continue to show your ugly side.

After the funeral, the so-called old man's wife has no family members. Now that you think the old man has Alzheimer's disease, you can take out the evidence that the old man was Alzheimer's disease at that time.

Since I know that the old man is ill, why don't relatives and family members have company every day? Usually do not come to see, die at home also nobody knows! To say a little silly words, people over 70 years old are a bit, can all say that they have no rights! Don't try to save face if you don't do your duty

This is a family meeting held by relatives. If there are any internal differences, we should also be consistent. We should not let outsiders take advantage of it. We can only say that through this matter, we can see the faces of many people. What kind of relatives are not relatives? In front of money, that is another matter


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