Beijing housing provident fund withdrawal policy to be revised, to be paid within one working day in the future

China-News - Finance November 28, 2020, 5:32 pm Thunderbolt's avatar Thunderbolt

Beijing housing provident fund management center issued an announcement on the 25th to revise the "Beijing housing provident fund withdrawal management measures" and solicit public opinions on the revised draft. The draft proposes that after the approval of the withdrawal of the provident fund, it will be directly transferred into my account within one working day, and the limit on the number of withdrawals has been cancelled, and others can be entrusted to do the withdrawal of provident fund on behalf of others.

Under what circumstances can provident fund be raised? This is the most concerned thing of deposit workers. The draft proposes 11 kinds of situations in which employees can withdraw the deposit balance in the housing provident fund account, including: those who purchase, build, rebuild and overhaul their own housing; those who leave or retire; those who settle abroad to settle down; those who repay the principal and interest of the self housing loans; those who rent houses to pay rent, etc.

The Beijing daily client reporter noted that compared with the previous version, the sentence "rent expenditure exceeds family wage income by 5%" has been deleted.

However, in fact, from a few years ago, the city has simplified the procedures for the extraction of the rental housing accumulation fund. As long as there is no room and there is no need to submit the rental contract and invoice, the accumulation fund can be withdrawn according to the standard of 1500 yuan per month.

This revision also simplifies the process of drawing provident fund. According to the draft, the unit or employee should apply to the management center to withdraw the balance of the employee housing provident fund. The application materials are complete and should be handled immediately after the examination. If it is necessary to further verify the application materials, it shall be completed within 3 working days from the date of accepting the withdrawal application. If the withdrawal is approved by the management center, the withdrawal amount shall be directly transferred into the employee's Bank savings account within 1 working day.

That is to say, in the future, the employee withdraws the provident fund and receives the account in one working day.

In addition, the limit on the number of fund withdrawals has also been deleted from the draft.

According to the original method, the number of times the provident fund is withdrawn is limited. Employees and their spouses who purchase affordable housing and other policy housing with loans can withdraw housing accumulation fund once a quarter, and other situations can withdraw once a year. That is to say, if it is a commercial housing, according to the method, the accumulation fund can only be withdrawn once a year, and the policy housing can be withdrawn once every quarter.

(Editor: Wang Qingyu)


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