Find back the "old Panyu flavor"

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Paparazzi porridge

Special fried Shawan milk

Shiqiao fried mud carp

Delicious chicken with rose sauce

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Food in Guangzhou, taste in Panyu. Panyu, known as the "land of fish and rice", has a dense water system and breeds a variety of delicious food. Its delicate and unique flavor has nurtured the growth of generations. Shawan milk, paparazzi porridge, chicken with rose sauce, fried scallops with osmanthus, stewed pork with banana They are full of childhood memories of Panyu people.

Shawan milk can be stewed or fried

Shawan buffalo milk is a delicious food with the unique flavor of Panyu, and it is also the collective memory of several generations in Panyu. At present, we can also eat authentic Shawan buffalo milk. In addition to making double skin milk with water milk, it can also be used for frying, and it can be salty or sweet. Besides the delicate taste of Shawan buffalo milk, we can also add asparagus, shrimps and olives to fry dishes, which can also reflect its fresh and tender characteristics.

The key to this dish is to grasp the ratio of egg white to milk, which is usually 4:6. Adding a small amount of flour is the finishing touch to make the milk more smooth and elastic. Stir fry when the hand must be steady, avoid using fire, otherwise the milk will lose the crystal clear characteristics.

In Guangzhou, there are many restaurants making authentic milk dishes. Zhongcun milk dessert shop is one of the most distinctive and well received online reviews. Among them, fried egg milk with taro is one of its famous brands. The taste is thick, fragrant and smooth. The strong milk flavor and taro aroma are integrated with each other. The sweetness is moderate. The selected taro is very soft and glutinous. In addition, ginger buried milk is also their special dessert. The ginger taste is not too strong, the sweetness is moderate, and it is very elastic.

Authentic eel also innovates

Panlong eel is a famous dish in Panyu. It is named Panlong eel because it looks like a Wolong. The chef divided the fresh eel into pieces, but did not cut it off, and added the soy sauce to make the steamed fish more delicious. Eel is rich in various vitamins, and it is a nutritional food material for adjuvant treatment of many diseases.

Yaoji hotel in Hualong, Panyu, is a famous restaurant for making special dishes in Panyu. It has been shown in food documentaries such as "China on the tip of the tongue". Pan Long eel in soy sauce is one of its famous dishes. The chef has exquisite knife skills, and the eel tastes delicious, elastic, crisp and delicious. The privately made soy sauce tastes salty and sweet. The chef said that it is very important to control the temperature of the dish. If it is too hot or too long, the taste of eel will be damaged, and freshness is the biggest feature of eel.

Special paparazzi porridge no paparazzi no porridge

In fact, the name of paparazzi porridge, a special snack in Panyu, has evolved from the original name of "jiuzai porridge". Therefore, there are no paparazzi in paparazzi porridge. Many foreign diners come here to taste such a delicious food because of its special name.

Nowadays, the selection of paparazzi porridge has changed a little. Some restaurants use cured meat, radish, dried shrimps, dried scallops, job's tears and Huaishan as raw materials. Dice the sausage and radish, put the oil in the cold pan, pour the sticky rice flour, sausage and diced radish into the pot, slowly add water to stir it until it is pulpy, then open fire and stir fry it into a ball, then pick it up and pinch it into a strip shape. Add water to the pot again, boil it, add the vermicelli, seasoning and cooking. This is a "porridge" without rice grains at all, but paparazzi porridge is more sticky than the common rice porridge Thick, rich taste, a variety of ingredients will be released layer by layer in the oral cavity.

On the food review website, Pinyi restaurant's paparazzi porridge has a lot of praise. It's right to feel the charm of Panyu food there. The dog's porridge made by Aunt Zhen is a little like Guangzhou xiguanlai powder. The dough contains peanut seeds, mud carp and mushroom grains. It is very delicious and has rich taste.

Fried mud mud mud carp seems to be ordinary and contains mystery

Shiqiao fried and fermented mud carp is not only to eat the meat of mud carp, but to taste the stuffing made of fish meat. It is an authentic home-made Kungfu dish with delicate and rich taste, but the cooking process is very good for the chef's skill.

In Guangzhou Panyu Xiangjiang Hotel, there is the Shiqiao fried mud carp. According to the chef of the restaurant, the separation of fish skin from fish meat and the process of fish sliding are very important. If the fish skin is not completely separated, the fish will be scrapped. Although the production process is a little complicated, the people in Panyu are keen to share the delicacy with their relatives and friends.

To make this dish, you can gently cut a knife from the belly of mud mud mud carp, separate the fish skin from the fish meat, pull out the fish bone from the fish belly, and then gently cut the fish tail to peel off the whole fish skin.

The scraped fish meat will be mixed with preserved meat, tangerine peel, scallion, and flour to form a smooth fish. After that, the fish will be stuffed into the fish skin to form a full-fleshed fish. Then, the fish will be fried into the fish skin to form a full-bodied fish. Then the fish will be fried until the fish is golden and fished out. Put the garlic, salt, soy sauce and other seasonings into the pot to make a sauce. Put the fried fish back into the pot and simmer for 20 minutes. Then cut it before eating Pieces and put together a complete fish shape, so that the city bridge fried mud mud mud carp is ready. The fried mud mud mud carp is put in the mouth, and the fish slide is fully integrated with other ingredients. It is a rare delicacy.

Rose and soy sauce chicken is delicious and smooth, selling well

It's hard to connect roses with soy sauce chicken in mind, but Panyu's smart chef tries to make the two collide into a new spark. The smooth, compact walking chicken surface with a light rose dew aroma, rose soy sauce chicken will be vividly displayed in front of you, this is a beautiful and delicious dish.

Special restaurant No. 12 flavor rose soy sauce chicken is very famous, many diners are attracted to it. The meat of chicken is strong, salty and sweet control is just right, the taste is rich, and the fragrance of rose dew is added. Compared with the ordinary soy sauce chicken, the taste and visual feeling are very good.


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