Helicobacter pylori infection, the body has four kinds of signals to pay attention to! If not, the stomach functions well

China-News - Health November 28, 2020, 5:42 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

Since the outbreak, people have put on masks, half of their beautiful faces have been covered, and they may smell indescribable smell

Many people are not aware of their bad breath, because when they don't wear masks, most of them will spit out along with their breath, which makes people not care. But now they need to wear masks every day, which makes them pay attention to it.

Xi'an Wang Ran, 28, has been out with her girlfriend since college. But recently, my girlfriend often keeps far away from her, saying that she has bad breath, which she dislikes very much.

So, Wang Ran went to buy the best toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, etc., but they did not really alleviate. Not long ago, I went to the stomatological hospital to clean my teeth, but my bad breath still can't be eliminated. Feeling like this, love will have crisis, which makes Wang ran very distressed.

Last night, Wang Ran suddenly had abdominal pain, so he came to the hospital for examination. Before he finished, the doctor suggested that he should carry out Helicobacter pylori test first, and the check even exceeded the standard.

Helicobacter pylori infection, the body appears four kinds of signals to pay attention to

1. Halitosis

If there is a large number of Helicobacter pylori, the food can not be quickly absorbed and digested after entering the gastrointestinal tract, and it will corrode in the stomach and intestines. The smell of the corroded food will spread through the mouth, thus forming halitosis.

2. Diarrhea

When Helicobacter pylori appears, it will cause the intestinal flora to be affected or destroyed, and it will also lead to the existence of inflammatory infection in the intestine and stomach, and then the frequent occurrence of abdominal distension, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disease symptoms. If these symptoms appear, it may be the existence of Helicobacter pylori, so we must pay attention to it.

3. Gastritis

When the stomach is infected with Helicobacter pylori, it will also cause damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa and induce the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases. It is easy to have chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and other problems.

Therefore, in life, we must pay attention to the appropriate regulation, learn to protect the stomach, avoid causing gastric mucosa damage, affect the health of the body.

4. In a bad state of mind

The emergence of Helicobacter pylori, will cause patients with stomach pain and diarrhea, frequent diarrhea or stomach pain will make the spirit of collapse, will let patients in a state of disaster.

Note: five routes of Helicobacter pylori infection

Eat out or eat out frequently;


Unclean diet

Often eat raw and uncooked food

I often like spicy food


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