The color of milk powder is yellow and white, which kind of nutrition is good? If the child has this kind of performance, you are right

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As soon as the baby is just born, the parents are most concerned about their nutrition. They feed their children with breast milk. The pregnant mother is urged to eat more meat and drink some soup every day to increase the amount and nutrition of breast milk.

To feed children with milk powder, parents have to worry about which brand of milk powder is the best and the most cost-effective, and what nutritional ingredients the baby needs to drink.

The safety of formula milk is also the most concern of parents, even the color of milk powder can make them tangle for a long time.

The color of milk powder is white and yellow, which worries parents

Xiaona wanted to change her baby's taste, so she bought other brands of formula milk. When she opened it, she found that the color was not right at all. The milk powder she bought last time was white, but the color turned yellow this time. She thought that the milk powder had deteriorated, so she looked for customer service theory online.

The customer service told her that there was no problem with the milk powder. The color of different brands of milk powder was different because the cows ate different things. The quality of their milk powder was absolutely right. Xiaona was relieved.

Why the color of milk powder is different, and whether the color has an impact on the nutritional components of milk powder are the most frequently consulted questions of pregnant mothers. Now let's give you an answer.

(1) Why is the color of milk powder different?

1. Different sources of milk

Milk source has the most direct impact on the color of milk powder. The color of milk produced by dairy cows varies with the feed they eat.

Milk powder tends to be yellow because it contains Carotene, lutein or riboflavin 。 For example, if you eat too much carotene, your face may turn yellow. These nutrients are common in fresh grass and less in dry grass.

Therefore, using Fresh feed Feeding cows, the output of milk color is yellow, with Hay The color of milk produced by feeding cows is white.

Sometimes the color of the same milk powder of the same brand may be different, because there are more fresh grass in spring and summer, and only hay can be fed to cows in winter, so the color of milk powder is different.

2. Different processing technology

The temperature is different

In the process of processing milk powder, the different temperatures used by different factories will also affect the color of milk powder. If the temperature is high, the color of milk powder will turn yellow, and if the temperature is low, the color of milk powder will turn white.

Milk powder granules

If the granules of milk powder are processed more finely, the milk powder will be whiter. For example, spray dried milk powder particles are more delicate than drum drying.

3. The formula of milk powder is different

fat content

If the fat content of milk powder is high, the color of milk powder will be yellow; otherwise, the color of milk powder will be white.

Content of carotene, etc

Some of the formula will add yellow color.

(2) The color of milk powder is yellow and white, which kind of nutrition is good?

In fact, the nutritional level of milk powder can not be judged by its color. For example, if your baby needs more carotene, you can buy him a yellowish milk powder. If you don't need it, you can choose another one.

When choosing milk powder for children, the first thing to consider is the nutrients they need.

And as long as milk powder has Luster, fine powder, no odor It means that it is normal milk powder.

(3) How to judge whether the milk powder you choose is suitable for your baby?

The simplest and direct way is to look at defecation and development.

If you find that the color and shape of your baby's stool after eating milk powder is relatively normal, the frequency of defecation is about 2 times a day, and the growth and development curve is normal, it shows that the milk powder you choose is quite suitable for him.

How can children not drink milk powder?

Milk powder bought back, also need the baby is willing to open his mouth to drink it has a role, some of the baby with milk powder feeding may have a higher degree of acceptance of milk powder, but the baby who is accustomed to breast milk may not like it so much.

Parents can help their baby drink milk through the following methods.

1. Choose milk powder that tastes similar to breast milk

For the baby who is used to drinking breast milk, when selecting milk powder for him, the first choice is similar to the taste of breast milk, so that their acceptance is higher.

2. Adjust feeding posture

The baby may be more used to feeding milk powder in the posture of breast milk.

3. Choose the right nipple

Some babies don't like to drink milk powder, which may be because they are not interested in pacifiers and bottles. Parents can squeeze breast milk into the bottle and feed the baby. If they drink, they will accept the nipple. If they don't drink, they may have to consider changing the nipple or bottle.

4. Do not change milk powder for a long time

The taste of different milk powder is very different. Some milk flavor is heavy, some milk flavor is light, some are sweet, some are salty, and children prefer the taste they are familiar with.

5. Feeding method

If he can taste the milk, he can try it;

Can be in the baby's breast milk, suddenly change into a bottle;

You can feed your baby when he is sleepy or hungry;

Parents can pretend to drink milk powder in front of the baby to attract his attention.

Extended reading: other questions about milk powder?

1. What is the reason why milk powder looks a little wet?

Some milk powder after drying spray treatment, so it looks a little wet, but this is normal.

If the milk powder appears caking phenomenon, the pregnant mother should also divide the situation.

Easy to push away: If you gently push with a spoon, the milk powder will be scattered, which may be due to electrostatic and other reasons in the process of transportation. Moreover, the compound prebiotics and other nutrients in milk powder may also be milk powder together.

Not easy to push away: Can not be easily pushed away, it may be improper storage of milk powder, moisture, pregnant mother to consult staff.

2. Why are there particles in milk powder?

Black particles: It may be that lactose in milk powder is coked under high temperature. If the quantity is small, it will not affect the quality of milk powder.

Red granules: Maybe the milk powder added carotene and other nutrients, when the amount is small, Baoma does not need to panic.

3. Does the color of milk powder change after brewing?

Milk powder turns red: Carotene and other particles melt in milk powder, may make its color red.

Milk powder whitening: After mixing, the water will dilute the milk powder, and it is normal for the color to fade.

4. Does the color of milk powder change after storage?

Black: Milk powder stored at a higher temperature may make the color of milk powder brown, together, look like black.

Dark grey: Generally, the milk powder is not stored properly and has deteriorated.


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