Heartache! The famous musician suddenly fell in front of Gao Yixiang's tomb and died suddenly, instead of his wife

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It was reported yesterday (November 26) that Lu Xiaodong, a famous Taiwanese Music Album Producer, suddenly fainted and died in front of Gao Yixiang's tomb when he went to Jinbaoshan to worship the late artist Gao Yixiang!

Sometimes unexpected, always silent, we also make a series of plans for tomorrow's meeting, but we didn't expect to see tomorrow's smiling face.

After being sent to the hospital, he was declared invalid and died.

When the bad news came, my family was very sad!

According to the introduction, LV Xiaodong's health has not been too big problems, and mental state is also very good.

The only possible reason is that he often works into the early hours of the morning, overworked, and his normal body breaks out at that moment.

Lu Xiaodong, 63 years old, just celebrated his birthday six days ago.

He has produced many music works and cooperated with many famous artists, such as Xie Jinyan, Weng Liyou, Xu Fukai, Cao Yawen

And last year, I started to record Chen Yu's new album, so this should be considered as a posthumous work.

He is not only famous in the industry, but also has won many awards.

These can be found from the data

His album "unforgettable love" won the Golden Melody Award and best male singer award of the 16th Taiwan Music Awards; Shi Wenbin's album "true feelings" won the Golden Melody Award and best male singer award of the 18th Taiwan Music Awards; Xie Jinyan's album "the moon bends" won the Golden Melody Award and best female singer award of the 23rd Taiwan Music Awards

There are too many honors to describe his excellence.

As a well-known music producer in Taiwan's performing arts circle, LV Xiaodong may have made friends with Gao Yixiang before his death.

In fact, Lu Xiaodong's wife is a fan of Gao Yixiang, and the three people all know each other. As a result, because today is the first anniversary of Gao Yixiang's death, LV Xiaodong has to replace his wife to offer incense.

I didn't expect such a tragedy to happen.

It is conceivable that his family, especially his wife, should be deeply distressed.

Maybe this is doomed. Even if it is not in front of Gao Yixiang's tomb, who can guarantee that there is no other accident? All the way, he has passed away!

Sometimes life is so strange, all things happen in their own unprepared circumstances.

Even if there is a physical problem, it will not be easily detected, but when it is discovered, it is often too late.

In this world, the most inevitable is the hasty parting, or the parting in life and death, so each short break-up should be regarded as the last, and only by embracing tightly can we miss each other.

When we lose something, we always feel it.

But no one has ever thought that when you lose something, it is telling you that you should cherish the things in front of you


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