90 year old "red skirt grandmother" is not satisfied with the old and popular, accompanied by 1.9-meter-old grandson, netizen: win in gene

China-News - Baby November 29, 2020, 5:39 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

People's impression of the elderly is mostly deep wrinkles, bent body shape.

Activities suitable for the elderly, that is, basking in the sun and dozing off.

When you are with your grandson, you should feel that you are old and can't keep up with your grandson.


However, the reality is always better than imagination. There are always some old people who are not old, and even if their hair is gray, they should be ahead of the times.

90 year old "red skirt grandmother" not satisfied with old age

Online, a 90 year old grandmother became popular, known as "red dress grandmother", because although she was 90 years old, she was different from the "younger generation" who began to wear old-age clothes at the age of 50.

Grandma should wear the most beautiful shirt, step on the highest heels, walk the most beautiful steps, and play the most fashionable trend.

Therefore, her favorite color is Chinese red, which sets off her white skin and has a higher sense.

In the photo of granny, you are wearing a letter with a smile on her waist.

In a good state of mind, you should not only maintain yourself.

Always with her side of the handsome guy, 1.9 meters tall, when her grandson, handsome.

Netizens are envious: This is won in gene.

Look at the grandparents and grandchildren. They are both in good shape and tall with temperament.

No wonder two people casually walk on the street, can fire all over the network, too eye-catching.

Ask for the same kind of grandma.

Have you got the most easily inherited genes?

Don't be too busy admiring the fashion grandparents.

If we look at whether our children inherit the advantages of grandparents or the disadvantages of grandparents, we have to see which genes are particularly easy to pass on from generation to generation.

First, myopia

Ophthalmologist Muhammad dilani, who published a report in 2008, showed that myopia is easily inherited across generations.

The probability of myopia caused by genetic problems is as high as 88%.

Second, appearance

Foreign countries once held an activity on the Internet to compare it with grandfather and grandmother to see the power of intergenerational inheritance.

Netizens have participated in this activity. Surprisingly, many people can hardly tell who is who in the photos.

We can see the power of intergenerational inheritance.

Third, figure

In a family, if the grandfathers are fat, most of their offspring are prone to obesity, while if the older generation is thin, it is normal for the younger generation to be thin.

Just like this pair of fashion grandparents, look at their legs, the same slender, enviable.

With the dominant power of genes, I feel like my grandparents are really hammered.


Genes determine appearance, but not temperament.

What's more, it can't decide whether a person is as angry and vigorous as a young man when he is old.

It's never too old to learn. In fact, you should be beautiful to be old.

This requires everyone, do not feel anxious about age, always keep a good mood and exercise habits, so that their state is always young.

This is the life worth living.

Grandma, can you feel like a red dress?


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