Three news a night! Letter brother to the League showdown, warriors sent good news, rockets once again in trouble

China-News - Sports November 29, 2020, 5:46 pm Thunderbolt's avatar Thunderbolt

It has been said that the letter brother will leave the team to be the next James or Durant, but now we have to wait for the news finally, Adebayor's top salary renewal, Davis is negotiating the extension of his contract. And the letter brother has finally made up his mind to stay with the bucks! They've had some bad seasons, but as long as they stick to it, they'll get good results.

Nowitzki played in the Mavericks for so many years to succeed, the letter brother is still very young, he still has a lot of time and opportunities.

1、 Five year top salary renewal

According to Meiji, "the information I got is that he will sign the super top salary and renew his contract ahead of schedule. That's what I was told, and it hasn't happened yet. But I think that's what we all expect to happen, "according to the rules, alphabet is eligible to sign a five-year contract of $228 million to $240 million with the bucks.

2、 Good news for Warriors

The Warriors also have good news. Of course, the good news mainly belongs to Wiseman. We all know that draft night is a night when carp cross the dragon's gate. Many of the selected players will become millionaires after that. Recently, according to sources, Wiseman will sign a rookie contract with warriors for three years, which is a huge sum of money. We must congratulate Wiseman.

But it's hard for the Rockets. According to salary experts, there are only 13 players in the team at present, but the salary is only the last two thousand five. If the team owner is not willing to spend money, there should be no reinforcement in the new season.


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