Where did the three new acting governors go for the first time?

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Liu Yilong

On November 28, Mao Weiming, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee and acting governor, went to Fenghuang County and Huayuan County, Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Western Hunan Province, according to Hunan Daily on November 29.

Zheng Zhijun noticed that this was the first investigation since Mao Weiming was the acting governor of Hunan Province.

Prior to this, the "top leaders" of Guizhou, Jilin, Yunnan and Hunan had been working intensively in their new jobs

On November 24, Li Bingjun was appointed acting governor of Guizhou Province

On November 25, Han Jun was appointed acting governor of Jilin Province

On November 25, Wang Yubo was appointed acting governor of Yunnan Province

On November 27, Mao Weiming was appointed acting governor of Hunan Province

On behalf of the governor of Hunan Province to investigate the first place of "targeted poverty alleviation"

Mao Weiming was born in May 1961 and is 59 years old. He has worked in Jiangsu for a long time. Since 2004, he has successively served as mayor of Taizhou City, director of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Secretary General of Jiangsu provincial government. In January 2013, Mao Weiming stepped into the rank of deputy ministry level cadres and was promoted to vice governor of Jiangsu Province.

After working in Jiangsu for more than 30 years, Mao Weiming went to Beijing to assume his new post as vice minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2013. In July 2015, he "parachuted" Jiangxi Province as a member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, vice governor and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the provincial government.

In January 2020, Mao Weiming took up the post of chairman and Secretary of the Party group of State Grid of China. Only 10 months later, his post changed again and went to Hunan Province.

On November 28, in Changpu Tang Village, liaojiaqiao Town, Fenghuang County, Mao Weiming, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee and acting governor, had a detailed understanding of the village's fruit planting, technology export and rural tourism development. Mao Weiming said that we should give full play to the leading role of becoming rich, make efforts in technology, varieties and sales, give full play to the strength of science and technology, develop e-commerce sales, expand the collective economy, and drive the poor people and surrounding villages to become rich together.

As the first place of "targeted poverty alleviation" in China, shibadong village of Huayuan County has implemented the General Secretary Xi Jinping's targeted poverty alleviation strategy and developed characteristic industries according to local conditions. The per capita net income of the whole village increased from 1668 yuan in 2013 to 14668 yuan in 2019, and the village collective income exceeded 1.2 million yuan. Mao Weiming said that the great achievements made by shibadong village in poverty alleviation are the epitome of China's great cause of poverty alleviation.

During the investigation, Mao Weiming presided over a forum to listen to the development report of Xiangxi Prefecture. He pointed out that we should vigorously promote common prosperity. We should further focus on the key points, make up the weaknesses, and strengthen and weak items, comprehensively clean up the battlefield for poverty alleviation, and strive to solve the problem of "urgency, difficulty and expectation" of the masses. In addition, he also pointed out that efforts should be made to build a loyal and clean cadre team. We should stick to the bottom line of honesty, guard against formalism and bureaucracy, and always maintain the political nature of honesty and integrity.

Yunnan acting governor pays attention to epidemic prevention and ecological protection

On November 25, the 21st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Yunnan Provincial People's Congress voted to appoint Wang Yubo as vice governor of Yunnan Provincial People's government and acting governor.

Wang Yubo has been working in Qinghai Province for a long time. He worked as a middle school teacher in Guoluo Prefecture of Qinghai Province for 40 years. He has served as deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, director of general office, director of Education Department, mayor of Xining City, etc.

In April 2015, Wang Yubo joined the Standing Committee of the Qinghai provincial Party committee and served successively as secretary general and deputy governor of the Qinghai Provincial Committee. In May 2019, he assumed the post of deputy secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party committee and later served as the president of the Party School of the provincial Party committee.

On November 26, Wang Yubo, deputy secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party committee and acting governor, went to the working groups of the provincial Party committee and government leading group for epidemic response to investigate the operation of the work, visit the staff, video dispatch the work of some border states, cities and counties, and listen to the relevant work reports. At the same time, he demanded that the prevention of the epidemic situation should be "cautious and persistent", and never let the epidemic occur Rebound.

On November 27, Wang Yubo came to the Provincial Department of ecological environment for investigation and presided over a symposium. He pointed out that Yunnan is very important in regional, national and even international ecological security. Yunnan is facing a severe situation in promoting ecological environment protection, and it is necessary to build a strong ecological security screen in Southwest China.

Acting governor of Jilin Province: resolutely preventing major road traffic accidents

Han Jun, acting governor of Jilin Province, also assumed his new post on November 25.

Han Jun, born in November 1963, is the second batch of college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination. As an academic official, he was named as the high-level discipline leader of "ten million talents project" as early as 20 years ago. He has written many monographs on agriculture.

Han Jun once served as deputy director of the central financial and economic leading group office and director of the central rural work leading group office. After the institutional reform, he served as deputy secretary and Deputy Minister of the Party group of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and deputy director of the central rural work leading group office. On November 20 this year, Han Jun was appointed Deputy Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee.

On November 27, Han Jun went to Changchun City to investigate and deal with the situation of freezing disaster, deploy disaster follow-up disposal and work safety in production.

In the communities of Vanke Jinyu Changchun and other communities, Han Jun inspected the response to the freezing disaster, and asked to give full play to the grass-roots role, improve the operation mechanism, and sink the focus of management and service to the community line. We should strengthen coordination, ensure the stability of water supply, power supply and heating, and ensure that people's lives will not be affected. Han Jun pointed out that the government's work is to think about the people's thoughts and anxieties, unblock the channels of mechanism, listen to the voice of the people, and do a solid job in handling the people's worries, worries and worries.

In order to ensure the stability of power supply in the winter, Hanjun will pay more attention to the security of power grid. The residual ice and snow should be removed in time to eliminate the potential safety hazards such as falling ice from high altitude. We will strictly rectify the potential safety hazards such as "two passengers and one danger", "three excess and one fatigue" and "drunk driving". We will strengthen the inspection of key dangerous sections such as long downhill and shady slope, timely open snow blocked roads, and resolutely prevent major road traffic accidents.

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