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Photo: Liu Huishen (left) and his colleagues study the design of Jiefang automobile.

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Photo: Feng bin is grinding the mold in the workshop.

Photo by Chen Liang

Photo: Wang Sibo performs an electrical test in the laboratory.

Photo by sun Deqiang

New headquarters building of FAW Group.

Photo by Zhang Nan, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

In the first three quarters of this year, the Red Flag brand of FAW Group bucked the trend and rose, with cumulative sales exceeding 130000 vehicles, up 104% year-on-year.

FAW Group is the cradle of new China's automobile industry. In 1956, the first Jiefang brand car drove out of the factory of FAW, ending the history that new China could not make cars. Subsequently, the first car of new China and the first high-end car "red flag" were successfully developed in FAW.

Over the past 60 years, FAW Group has built famous independent brands such as "red flag" and "Jiefang". Nowadays, more and more young people hold the baton of automobile manufacturing, and strive to write the most beautiful youth badge in order to realize self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, to become stronger and bigger national brands.

Face the challenge:

"You will have a great sense of achievement and gain when you cross a hurdle"

"I've been working for 20 years since I was 19 years old. I'm not young." Meet for the first time, Feng bin joked.

Feng bin, a die fitter in the stamping workshop of the truck factory of FAW Group Jiefang company, has been used to various challenges in his work since he graduated from technical school and entered the "cleaning class" in the factory to become a senior worker technician and national technical expert.

"My grandfather used to be the highest level fitter in the factory, working as a red flag car!" Feng Bin said with pride. He wanted to be like his grandfather since he was a child.

After seven years, Feng bin completed the study of mechanical manufacturing, mold technology, automation control and other majors, and got a bachelor's degree. He emerged from the factory and became a mold repair worker.

In 2003, when Jiefang company built the first automatic production line, no one in the factory understood the production structure of the mold of the automatic line and the programming technology of the automatic robot. At that time, Feng bin made up his mind to let these imported mould equipment be used in his own hands.

Feng bin follows the class day and night, and marks the foreign language he doesn't understand with physical symbols in his notebook. Relying on "Tianshu" like notes, he spent half a year to master the structural characteristics of nearly 100 sets of molds and automatic settings.

"If a corner mold is damaged, it will cost 100000 yuan to import it." Feng Bin said that at that time, no one could repair it, so they tried it again and again and finally found a way to repair it. Relying on solid technology, Feng bin solved the problem of corner mold maintenance, which saved millions of yuan for enterprises and ensured the smooth production of new models.

In 2018, Jiefang launched the J7 high-end heavy truck. This is the result of seven years' hard work led by Liu Huishen, senior chief engineer of FAW Jiefang Commercial Vehicle Development Institute.

"I like to do technology." Liu Huishen admitted that he came to Changchun after graduating from university because the automobile industry here attracted him.

When he came to Jiefang company, Liu Huishen worked overtime every day to learn from his master. "In almost five years, it has become the main force of the Department -" the main coolie. " Liu Huishen said jokingly. Today, as one of the Department's technical leaders, his team has more than 180 people, more than half of whom are under the age of 30.

"Although the team is young, it has been well tempered." After working for 15 years, Liu Huishen still remembers the difficult tests he met.

When the country began to implement the policy of truck weight charging, the market was in urgent need of lightweight trucks. Therefore, Liu Huishen and his colleagues set about the design of lightweight reconstruction of the truck, and designed the two driving shafts of the original truck into one.

"The market is there. You can't catch it later." Liu Huishen and his colleagues started the design quickly, often working overtime until midnight and all night. "After the plan comes out, it has to be repeatedly demonstrated and revised every day." Finally, the plan was completed on schedule. Lightweight trucks are sold out of stock as soon as they are on the market, and they can sell 23000 units a year. Liu Huishen still remembers the scene when customers came to the production line to "grab cars".

Many of FAW's young people, like Feng bin and Liu Huishen, are brave enough to accept challenges, like to be busy and afraid to be idle. "Michael has a great sense of accomplishment." Liu Huishen said.


"With the strength and motivation to speed up"

At present, as a heavyweight player of the red flag family, the red flag "e-hs9" pure electric vehicle will be on the market soon. "We want to create a first-class red flag in the field of electric vehicles." Wang Sibo, director of electric drive development of FAW New Energy Development Institute, is glad that he has caught up with the good time of rapid development of the enterprise.

Wang Sibo is 33 years old. His team started from scratch and completed the first 245kw permanent magnet electric drive platform for passenger cars, announcing that FAW has mastered the design ability of high-performance electric drive system for luxury electric vehicles.

In the development process of high-power motor, only the frequency converter has made five series. "It is the first time that the frequency converter with dual intelligent power unit parallel technology has been used in domestic vehicles, which is also a key technology." Wang said.

Wang Sibo led the team to start with the industrial frequency converter, remove the frequency converter from the wind turbine and other industrial equipment, study the basic principles. "At least five or six kinds of industrial frequency converters have been removed, the largest one is the size of a washing machine." Wang said it took 26 months for the team to complete technical breakthroughs, engineering design and other tasks.

"The frequency converter should be able to withstand the test of more than 100 degrees Celsius from minus 40 to zero, and it should be more robust, reliable and cost-effective." Wang sighs that achieving these goals comes from innovation. He often worked overtime for two or three hours to solve problems with the team at about 30 o'clock. "From scratch, innovation gives us more confidence and motivation to accelerate in the automotive industry." Along the way, Wang's experience is the deepest.

The motor system can not do without the energy output of battery system. As soon as he graduated from university in 2016, Lu Jun was engaged in the research and development of power battery system for Hongqi brand cars. Now he has grown into a technical backbone in the field of battery thermal management system design.

"Our main work is to design the power battery system, including battery general layout design, structural design, thermal management system design, safety design, etc Far away from home and rooted in Jilin, Lu Jun has a special preference for the old brand "red flag".

Battery is the key technology of electric vehicle. Lithium ion battery is very sensitive to temperature, and the suitable working temperature is 25-35 ℃. In some projects, the temperature difference of hundreds of battery cells must be controlled within 5 ℃.

Lu Jun faced the difficulties and studied various cutting-edge technologies. After more than 300 iterative simulation analysis, the latest thermal management system scheme design was completed by using advanced harmonica tube brazing process.

"The temperature difference of our battery is less than 2% of the total battery weight, which accounts for less than 1% of the total battery weight Lu Jun said with pride.

When Lu Jun was the project manager of the power battery system of a fuel cell demonstration vehicle project in Hongqi, he once encountered the problem that the vehicle boundary was irregular and the space could not be arranged in the early stage of research and development. "If this problem is not solved, the body structure will need to be modified, and the cycle delay and cost change caused by it will not be estimated." The huge pressure made Lu Jun feel miserable. He checked the vehicle boundary again and again, and he had to "haggle over and over" with the clearance of 1 mm.

In the end, Lu Jun took the lead to overcome the problem, and the battery module layout adopted the first integrated airfoil layout scheme, making full use of the vehicle boundary, and the vehicle space utilization rate reached a new high, which perfectly solved the problem of insufficient vehicle space allocation.

Now, in various products and scientific research projects, Lu Jun has completed more than 300 engineering drawings, issued one group level process, authorized 10 patents, participated in the formulation of 4 standards, and developed 2 5-level professional processes. The rapid development of "red flag" brand has given Lu Jun more impetus to struggle.

Pursuit of perfection:

"Polishing the mold is also polishing yourself"

If the die gap is large, the parts will produce burr; if the gap is small, the mold will be easy to be damaged, and the gap is often within the range of a few millimeters. Feng bin has to find the perfect gap again and again.

"Polishing the mold is also polishing yourself." From the debugging to maintenance of the mould, Feng bin honed out good patience and good technology.

More than 90% of the wear of the mould is repaired by hand. A damaged point needs to repeat the same process. Although the process is very complicated, Feng bin always restores the repair position as before.

"All we give is to make the product perfect." Wang said that the perfection lies in the details, and the small details are related to the quality of the car.

Wang Sibo once faced a "ghost" general failure: "the fault is related to power, suddenly flashed, but it can not be reproduced in the laboratory."

In the laboratory, Wang and his colleagues check all the interfaces related to the motor, and check the cluttered signals of two or three hundred circuits in the motor one by one, and do not let go of any trivial and subtle things. For a full month, the fault flashed two or three times in the field test, and the fault still could not be reproduced on the laboratory test platform. This month, Wang only sleeps four or five hours a day, and the rest of his time is spent on troubleshooting.

One night, at about 8:00 p.m., the test vehicle continued to test on the bench. Everyone felt that "it was another day without results". When they were ready to go home, they suddenly found that the signal fluctuated. Wang Sibo keenly felt that the "ghost" fault was about to appear, so he called his colleagues who were engaged in signal analysis to connect the situation. He got feedback and thought that there was 80% possibility of failure recurrence.

"A little progress and hope can not be seen, that is the difficulty of suffocating the dead!" Wang Sibo and the team were busy until 3:00 a.m., basically locked the failure point, which is a software problem.

"We can't find the fault point. The pressure of more than a month has been released by working overtime." Wang said that innovation is to bear the hard work of technology running in. Finally, Wang and his colleagues successfully solved the fault and ensured the development progress of the new car.

In winter, when it's 30 degrees below zero, Liu Huishen and his colleagues work for three or four hours to measure the truck's data, climb on and drill under the truck. "It's the most reasonable and comfortable thing to look at the specific data and study how to design it."

When a new car comes into the market, Liu Huishen always has to go to the scene to solve the problems of users. "A team of people who do design, responsible for quality assurance, engaged in production, go straight to the users." Liu Huishen jokingly said that it was like taking a whole "hospital" to "see a doctor" for a customer's truck.

There was a customer in Zhejiang Province who reported that there was a vibration problem at a certain point of Jiefang Truck. Just in time for the National Day holiday, Liu Huishen and his team gave up their vacation, repeated road tests, repeated failures and troubleshooting. In the face of the huge liberation truck, a group of people take a dial gauge to measure the tire value and the wheelbase, accurate to millimeter, only to find small problems. Liu Huishen and his colleagues went to the factory to call back the holiday workers, started the machine, pressed different rubber parts on site, and repeatedly tested in the car to verify the effect of different solutions, and finally solved the problem.

In Liu Huishen's opinion, they have experienced the hard work in the process of solving problems, and are also intoxicated with the sense of achievement in overcoming difficulties: "we adhere to the user first concept and pursue perfection, which is to make users satisfied."

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the R & D of Jiefang automobile. With 70 years of R & D experience and accumulation, Jiefang automobile has mastered more than 100 core technologies in 22 key technical directions. As a young auto man, Liu Huishen deeply understands the growth history of Jiefang automobile. It is because of adhering to independent development and innovation that Jiefang automobile has become a banner of China's automobile industry and national automobile brand. FAW's youth dream is to accelerate the realization of self-reliance and self-improvement of domestic automobile technology.

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