What happened on the streets of Tibet warmed the whole winter!

China-News - Politics November 29, 2020, 5:50 pm Jiang Jing's avatar Jiang Jing

After a first snow

Temperature drops sharply in Tibet


Let the daily news send you

A little warm in winter in Tibet

You in Tibet

Must have met a lot of warm moments

They happen to all of us


But it's also warm

This is the warmth of Tibet

It is the warmth soaked in the Tibetan bones

It's going to reach the warmth of the heart

On the streets of Tibet

As long as you meet an old man wearing such a coat

Everyone will start the model of respecting the elderly

Because that must be

Grandparents over 80

Everyone around will

Take care of them in every way you can

Photo by journalist Zhaxi Baima

This is an incomplete GIF

This Tibetan big brother riding an electric car

I saw empty drink bottles thrown on the side of the road

Get out of the car, pick it up and throw it in the garbage can

In fact, the bottle will not affect his driving

But when he saw it, he stopped at a red light

Great America Tibet

Every Tibetan is keeping an eye on it

Photo by reporter Zhang Shu

Do you know anyone who has never drunk tea

Whether outdoors or in a sweet tea house

From time to time, you will receive sweet tea

Ah Jia, Ma La, Bo La

Such a cup of sweet tea is in hand

I feel warm all winter

Photo by reporter HIREN

This is a sweet tea house on Zaki road

In the message on the wall of sweet tea house

There is such a paragraph (marked in red)

"In particular:

All the sanitation workers who eat in our restaurant only need to pay half the price. "

Pictures from Danba


In a restaurant on youth road

"The 65 year old's meal fee will be halved

70 year old people's meals are free "

It is also very eye-catching

Photo by Hu Aili

When two cute kids are together

That might be

Contracted all over the world

Photo by journalist Zhaxi Baima

Friendly to small animals

It can be seen everywhere in Tibet

Photo by reporter Gan Yingji Zhuoma

It's past work time

But when the traffic police saw that there was a vehicle fault

Help the driver to push the cart

And called for help

We met difficulties in Tibet

There will always be the first person

Photo by reporter Zhang Shu

His mother had been putting on his shoes before

Suddenly one day

Little Jiayang Jiacuo said to her mother

"Mom, let me put on my mom's shoes today."

The picture of Deji Yangzong

This is a scene during various festivals in Tibet

"Little warmth" you can see

Every festival

A big family always gets together

Chatting, eating, singing and dancing

Nothing can compare the warmth of reunion

Photo by reporter HIREN

Except for reunions, of course

The hand in hand of Mammy and Bola is always enviable

The longest confession is company

The white headed one

Photo by Zhang Shugan, yingjizhuoma

The last one

The reporter was discovered when he secretly photographed the uncle drinking highland barley wine

Suddenly, laughter filled the courtyard

Hope for a smile like this

Can accompany us every day

Photo by reporter Xiao Yong

Such a small warmth

It can be seen everywhere in Tibet

It is the goodness of Tibetans

It is also the embodiment of Tibetan people's happiness from the heart


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